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Nap time in Dubrovnik Nap time in Dubrovnik S.E

Tourists sleep on an airbed in the road in Dubrovnik

By  Aug 09, 2017

You don’t need to book an expensive hotel or even an apartment with Airbnb or all you need is a large airbed.

Yes, we know it is difficult to find a spare room in Dubrovnik in the height of the tourist season and sleeping in the road is a little too much. These tourists, presumably Italian, inflated an air mattress between two parked cars and spent an al fresco night in Dubrovnik.

As cars sped by, only a few metres away, the couple seemed oblivious to the noise and had a good rest. As they were actually taking a parking space up with their air bed we wonder if they were paying 40 Kunas an hour parking fee?

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