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Dubrovnik will be most beautiful city in cosmos! Vjekoslav Skledar/CROPIX

Dubrovnik will be most beautiful city in cosmos!

Written by  Feb 12, 2016

After the all the rumours about Star Wars coming to Dubrovnik to film the eighth episode it has finally been officially confirmed by the director of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, Hrvoje Hribar.

“Star Wars will be filmed in Dubrovnik from the 9th to the 16th of March this year. For months we have been preparing for this project and an official announcement but due to the corporate policy of Disney we were not in the position to give an official announcement,” said Hribar.

The eighth sequel of Star Wars will be filmed in Dubrovnik, although Hribar was keen to point out that apart from the added publicity there will also be a large investment from the production company. He stated that this will be the largest film investment in Croatia to date with between 5 and 6 million dollars expected to be invested, making it the most expensive film project per day of recording.

Hribar believes that the decision to take such a project to Croatia was the result of previous successful cooperation in the framework of the incentive system, led by the "Games of Thrones." According to Hribar Croatia is very positioned on the for the international film industry, offering incentives, providing a top-quality service and attractive locations.

"After the shooting Dubrovnik will not only be the most beautiful city in the world, it will become the most beautiful in the cosmos," concluded Hribar.

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