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Public shower as temperatures soar Public shower as temperatures soar Ivana Smilovic

Could this August in Dubrovnik be the warmest on record?

By  Aug 06, 2017

Keeping cool in the Dubrovnik heat today was a challenge. Temperatures soared to 37 degrees in the city and the humidity was over 60 percent. These weather conditions have been ongoing for the past ten days and it looks like they will continue at least for another two or three days. The public fountains of the historic Old City of Dubrovnik were doing a roaring trade today as visitors looked for refreshment.

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The weather forecasters predict that tomorrow will see temperatures again reach in the mid thirties and sunshine and blue skies are predicted. This August could well be one of the hottest on record in Dubrovnik. Thermometers haven’t dropped below 30 degrees since the month began.

On the long range weather forecast there is a chance that the relentless heat will ease up by the weekend, when temperatures are expected to drop below 30. Experts are warning people to avoid the midday sun, from 11.00am to 4.00pm, and to drink plenty of water.

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