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Rent your own Lear jet to fly to Dubrovnik Rent your own Lear jet to fly to Dubrovnik

Want to arrive in Dubrovnik in style – rent a private jet

By  Aug 05, 2017

Fancy arriving in Dubrovnik in style on your own private jet, well with new flights from Air Partner you can do just that. If you want to land in Dubrovnik like a rock star you’ll have to have pretty deep pockets. The private jet hire company is offering flights from Biggin Hill (Kent) in the UK to Dubrovnik and all for £6,800, or £850 per person.

“The latest technology midsize jet, offering 1,800 nautical-mile range and a spacious cabin with double club seating. Very popular and economic with elegance and style thrown in,” advertise the company. The choice of aircraft is a Lear Jet 45 and with only 8 seats on board you won’t be stumbling over other people’s luggage. Don’t worry you’ll have two pilots onboard as well as space for up to eight pieces of luggage and a bathroom. It certainly is a luxurious way to arrive in Dubrovnik this August.

Dubrovnik isn’t the only route for this private jet hire company, they also offer flights from the UK to Ibiza, Cannes and Sardinia.

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