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Adriatic Sea in Dubrovnik warmer than the air temperature in most European capitals

By  Aug 04, 2017

If you were wondering how to keep cool at night without air-conditioning maybe this photo from 2013 will give you some ideas. Of course we aren’t suggesting for a moment that sleeping on the terracotta roofs of the historic Old City is a wise idea, or even a safe one, but this photo reminded us of summers past.

Dubrovnik is in the middle of a heat wave with temperatures racing up to almost 40 degrees. The air temperature in Dubrovnik was measured at 37 degrees today and if you were thinking of cooling off in the Adriatic Sea, think again!

The sea temperature in Dubrovnik today was a bath-like 27 degrees. In other words the sea in Dubrovnik is currently warmer than Paris (24 degrees, Berlin (24 degrees) and London (21 degrees). And the night time temperatures in Dubrovnik are just as warm. Last night the temperature at 1.00am was a boiling 26 degrees and tonight will again be a warm one with 25 – 27 degrees expected.

But before you were considering to sleep al fresco, like the man in the photo from 2013, think again, you just might wake up with a bump.

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