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new flights from Slovenia to Dubrovnik new flights from Slovenia to Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik to Maribor for only 49 Euros

By  Aug 01, 2017

VLM Airlines, an airline owned by SHS Aviation, has announced the establishment of two regular, seasonal lines from the airport in Maribor to two destinations on the Adriatic coast - Split and Dubrovnik. But you’ll have to be quick as the airline is only operating these flights through August.

VLM Airlines will maintain these lines during August, every Tuesday. Tickets for these flights are already on sale starting at only 39 Euros on the Maribor - Split line and 49 Euros on the Maribor - Dubrovnik line. For more details check out the airline’s website

These new flights between Maribor and Split, Maribor and Dubrovnik will start on the 8th of August and only run until the 29th of August.

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