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How not to park! How not to park! Reader's photo

Parking pranks in Dubrovnik as drivers block same pavement twice

By  Jul 17, 2017

The summer crazy driving season in Dubrovnik continues. After a Polish coach driver decided to pull a U-Turn in the middle of a four-lane busy road this time it is parking madness.

A reader of The Dubrovnik Times and a local resident sent us these two photos of taken in exactly the same spot two hours apart. As she explained to us “I couldn't pass with my push chair and a baby,” as these two inconsiderate drivers had taken up most of the pavement with their poor parking. The two cars were “parked” above the busy Banje Beach and this pavement has a heavy footfall of pedestrians to and from the Old City.

Parking in Dubrovnik during the summer months can be a headache but that is no excuse for blocking pavements. According to an eyewitness the local tow away service had been called so these drivers could well find themselves on the wrong side of a hefty fine.