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The busy Pile gate into Dubrovnik The busy Pile gate into Dubrovnik

Australian tourist sleeps in his birthday suit in the centre of Dubrovnik

Written by  Jul 14, 2017

Finding accommodation in Dubrovnik in the middle of the summer months can prove tricky, and it seems that some guests are taking matters to the extreme. A 32-year-old Australian tourist was caught sleeping on a public bench on the morning of the 13th of July in the Pile area of the city.

Sleeping on a bench may be bad form but it isn’t against the law, however this tourist took it one stage too far as he was sleepy in the nude. The police were called and the young Australian tourist was arrested for disturbance of the peace, he was also in an “alcoholic state” according to the report. He was taken to the court where he was found guilty of disturbing the peace and fined.

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