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Mayor of Dubrovnik visits Lapad Beach Mayor of Dubrovnik visits Lapad Beach

Mayor of Dubrovnik tours Lapad beach project

By  Jul 12, 2017

One of the hottest topics in Dubrovnik was again under the spotlight today as the Mayor of Dubrovnik, Mato Franković, visited the beach in the Bay of Lapad to meet with representatives of the investors.

During the tour the mayor was personally assured that the final works on preparing the beach facilities are under way and that the grand opening of the new beach area is imminent.

The representatives of the investor met with the mayor and explained the horticultural layout that is currently being implemented in one of the areas within the beach area. It was also announced that at the end of the main season tens of olive trees older than 30 years-old will be planted which will give a new dimension to the overall layout of the entire area.

lapad beach inside

Restaurant nearly ready for business

A technical inspection by the City of Dubrovnik was held on Tuesday, July 11th. The investor was ordered to complete the process of obtaining the necessary approvals and documentation that the investor is obliged to obtain as soon as possible. Then a technical review will be repeated and access to the usage permit will be made in order to make the beach accessible to citizens and tourists.

"The beach in the Lapad bay is three times bigger than the previous one and I am convinced that it will enrich the overall offer of bathing and recreational facilities and ensure the quality of Dubrovnik’s tourist product," said Mayor Mato Frankovic, adding that the new beach will be fully open to citizens and visitors. Entrance to the beach will be free of charge.

"I expect all concession holders to behave in accordance with the issued permits and concessions, and that they in no way obstruct the rights and freedoms of citizens of the City of Dubrovnik," the mayor said on this occasion.

lapad beach ready

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