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New golf attraction in Dubrovnik New golf attraction in Dubrovnik

Golf course opens tomorrow in ACI Marina Dubrovnik

By  Jul 05, 2017

A new golf course will open in Dubrovnik tomorrow, and no it isn’t the long awaited course on top of the Srd Mountain overlooking Dubrovnik, this “course” is in the ACI Marina Dubrovnik. The ACI Marina Dubrovnik will open the doors of the new golf training ground "Golf Range Concept.” It isn’t so much a golf course more a golf practise ground. With six putting holes, a sand bunker, chipping green, driving nets and a nine hole practise course this innovative project will make the ACI Marina Dubrovnik the first marina to offer such unique content to its guests.

golf dubrovnik aci marina dubrovnik

The project "Golf Range Concept” is the latest idea of building a golf training ground on the surface area of a tennis court. And the company stated that “With its innovation and excellent design, the Golf Range Concept promotes golf and makes it accessible to everyone, and consists of a golf training ground and mini golf course that includes all the elements of a professional golf course where all the tricks of real golf can be practiced.”

The Golf Range Concept project is built on the surface of a tennis court, i.e. about 600-800 m2. In the construction of a golf training ground, the most up-to-date materials and artificial grass were used for golf, which makes it possible for the golf training ground to be open all year round.

Professional golf equipment is also available - Dunlop sets of matching golf clubs, special sets for kids by age groups, balls and carts as well as mini golf clubs and balls - all included in the price for one hour of playing.

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