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Mercedes on the Stradun Mercedes on the Stradun Tonci Plazibat

Dubrovnik welcomes Mercedes

By  Feb 06, 2016

Mercedes have arrived in Dubrovnik in style. Some of the latest models of this luxury car were presented tonight in the heart of the Old City along the Stradun.

Mercedes have opened their “Global Training Program” in Dubrovnik, an event that will last until April. Every week sales staff from all over the world will arrive in Dubrovnik for a five-day training course on the newest models. In total around 15,000 Mercedes staff will arrive in Dubrovnik to complete the training. This is an annual event for Mercedes and with Dubrovnik as the host this year the German car manufacturer will add extra tourist figures as well as bring international publicity.

Tonight was a spectacular night on the Stradun as some of the latest models were on display.

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