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Flight path of Croatia Airlines flight to Dubrovnik (via Rome) Flight path of Croatia Airlines flight to Dubrovnik (via Rome) Avioradar

Airbus to Dubrovnik diverted to Rome as Zagreb Airport refuses landing

By  Jun 17, 2017

You can build a shining new airport but if you don’t have the people to staff it you’re going to have big problems. This unfortunately was the case when a Croatia Airlines Airbus A320 from Zagreb to Dubrovnik had to change course due to strong northerly winds in Dubrovnik.

According to a report on the specialised aviation website “Avioradar” the plane circled over Dubrovnik waiting for the wind to calm down, but as it reached 40 knots the pilot decided to return to Zagreb. However, as is unofficially reported, the Zagreb Airport refused landing stating that “we don’t have enough people to handle the plane.”

The new airport in Zagreb was finished only weeks ago and at a cost of around 300 million Euros was heralded as being able to handle millions of passengers a year. At the opening the Croatian Prime Minster, Andrej Plenković, commented that “I am sure that such a remarkable airport will contribute to the image of Croatia.”

After being informed that the Airbus couldn’t land in Zagreb the plane was then redirected to Leonardo da Vinci Airport in Rome where it landed at around one o’clock in the morning.

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