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Around 9000 cruise ship passengers in Dubrovnik today

Written by  Jun 08, 2017

Six cruise ships bring nearly 9000 guests in Dubrovnik today, according to the data of the Port of Dubrovnik. Over 107 thousand passengers are expected during the month of June.

Today, over 8600 tourists will get off their cruise ships in the Port of Gruz and a bit more than 250 in the Old Town Port.

In the early morning ‘Thomson Spirit’ arrived with 1400 passengers. Around 7 am, ‘’Le Lyrial’’ brought 264 new guests in the Old Port. At the same time, ‘’AIDAblu’’ with 2500 passengers arrived in Gruz, while an hour later ‘’Celebrity Consellation’’ arrived with 2,038 travellers. ‘’MSC Simfonia’’  brought 2679 passengers around noon and at 3 pm ‘’Poseidon’’ is announced, but without the number of expected passengers.

Busy Thursday in Dubrovnik, for sure!

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