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StreetGasma blasts over the runway of Dubrovnik Airport

By  May 24, 2017

Gentlemen start your engines! Screeching tyres, mind blowing speeds and the thunder of engines could be heard at the Dubrovnik Airport yesterday but it had nothing to do with aviation. Millions of dollars worth of high end sports cars including Porsche, Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, McLaren sped over the runway of Dubrovnik Airport in an event organised by the Hoefnagels Grand Tour.

StreetGasma, as the day of racing was named, crowned the final day of a multi-day rally all over Europe. Hoefnagels Grand Tour is a unique tour in which participants do not know the route and the destination in advance all the directions are received on the race day. The rally is run once a year, and these premium cars cross over 2,000 miles of different European landscapes within a week. In all destinations drivers enjoy VIP treatment, stay in top hotels and taste original delicacies.

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StreetGasma 6

StreetGasma 3

StreetGasma 4

StreetGasma 5

StreetGasma 7

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