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Number of people living in Dubrovnik historic centre drops

By  May 06, 2017

Exactly 1557 people live in Dubrovnik historic centre. In five years, since the last census of population in 2011, the number of inhabitants and the number of households fell by a quarter, it’s clear from the latest census made from October to December 2016.

Of the 1557 inhabitants, there are only 10.5 percent of children aged up to 14, while 29.6 percent of the population is older than 65 years. There are 568 private households, half of which are single and double households.

In 2011 there was 2116 inhabitants in the so called ‘’Old City’’ of Dubrovnik and it seems that in last 20 years there was a huge decrease of 40 percent of inhabitants.

The latest census was made in order to make a plan to improve the quality of living in the historic centre. After all, people are those that make the city alive.

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