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What to do during Easter holidays in Dubrovnik Photo by Zeljko Tutnjevic

What to do during Easter holidays in Dubrovnik

By  Apr 13, 2017

There should be around eight thousand tourists in Dubrovnik during the Easter holidays, according to the expectations of Dubrovnik tourist workers and reservations. Tourists that are expected are from Croatia, USA, Spain, Korea, UK and other countries.

There is a different, more vivid feeling in Dubrovnik since the beginning of April and the start of summer flight schedule. During the Easter holidays the city will be even more busy. For all the guests and locals the Dubrovnik Tourist Board has prepared a traditional program on the Stradun – egg painting and various entertaiment programs.  

During the Easter week there will be couple of concerts combined with traditional liturgical ceremonies. Procession will be held through the streets of the historical centre on Friday. On Easter, April 16th, you can enjoy the performance of KUD Ivan Vitez Trnski from Nova Raca. The program will continue with the concert of vocal group Subrenum. Ladies in traditional costumes will give away traditionaly painted eggs and leaflets describing Easter traditions of Dubrovnik region, as a special gift of Dubrovnik Tourist Board. In front of the Sponza Palace, starting at 10 am, there will be a workshop, showing traditional way of decorating the eggs by Dubrovacki primorski svatovi.


Along the Croatian part of the Adriatic coast one of the most popular daily meals is certainly brunch. That is a late morning meal that is consumed around 11 am or later, and it’s locally called ‘marenda’. Brunch is increasingly replacing the traditional lunch, especially for the feast of Easter, and because of that the Dubrovnik Tourist Board organized gastronomic days called - Easter brunch, that will happen from 15 to 17 April.

Restaurants that offer Easter brunch are Domino, Gusta me, Kopun, Lajk, Mimoza, Orsan, Porat, Taj Mahal in the historic centre and Taj Mahal in Hotel Lero. Their menus offer traditional Dubrovnik Easter cake – pinca, eggs, ham in bread, green onions, lamb with peas, fish, oysters, Dubrovnik sweets and many other festive dishes.

On Monday, April 17th, the traditional event Easter in Primorje will happen. It’s oganized by the association Dubrovacki primorski svatovi and will be held in Klisevo.



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