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Holy Mass in English in Dubrovnik every Sunday Wikipedia

Holy Mass in English in Dubrovnik every Sunday

By  Apr 12, 2017

Starting on Easter morning, April 16th, a Holy Mass in English will be held in the Church of Saint Ignatius at 11 am every Sunday, up until October 30th.

The church is located at the Ruder Boskovic square that is connected with Gundulic square with baroque stairs. Just on top of the stairs, there it is - the Church of Saint Ignatius, or as people of Dubrovnik call it ‘’the Jesuits’’. This beautiful church is the work of the famous Jesuit architect and painter Ignazio Pozzo.

As one of the most impressive churches in Dubrovnik, this is a sight that you shouldn’t miss in any case. And if you’re religious, it's good to know that now you can go on Holy Mass, every Sunday at 11 am.

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