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Dubrovnik tramway as it once was Dubrovnik tramway as it once was

Dubrovnik’s tramway – once an important lifeline now only memory

By  Mar 21, 2017

Yesterday marked a sad day in Dubrovnik's long history – for on the 20th of March 1970 the city's tramway was abolished. For almost sixty years the tramway was an important link and an iconic feature on the streets of the city. People still remember the Dubrovnik tramway with fondness, yes it was the most comfortable or even the fastest way of travel but it certainly had style and character.

dubrovnik tram

In fact speed was one of the reasons why the tramway was abolished all those years ago, but the main reason was profitability. In a modern era trams were seen as somehow old-fashioned and not in pace with modern life.

It would be fair to say that this is not the case, many major cities have reintroduced trams, such as London, to reduce traffic problems. And trams are also an attraction in themselves, a visit to San Francisco just wouldn’t be the same without a ride on the tram.

From December 1910 the tramway tirelessly served Dubrovnik and its citizens. Until one fateful day, the 7th of March, when a tram derailed and crashed into the Pile park area just outside of the Old City, this signalled the final nail in the coffin for trams in Dubrovnik. Fourteen people were injured and there was one fatality on that day, although it could be argued that there were two fatalities – the end of the tramway in the city.

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