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Star Wars to be filmed in Dubrovnik?

By  Jan 27, 2016

Dubrovnik’s tourism could have another explosion this year after news that the eighth episode of Star Wars may well be filmed in Dubrovnik!

Reports in the Croatian media suggest that the latest episode of Star Wars could be partly filmed in Dubrovnik.
Dubrovnik emerged on the radar of international film production companies after hosting the popular HBO serial Game of Thrones. HBO have used Dubrovnik, which acts as Kings Landing, in the Game of Thrones for the past five seasons and this has generated global interest in Dubrovnik as a location. In recent years various serials and films have been recorded, even a Bollywood blockbuster.

It is rumoured that Dubrovnik will be used for several scenes in the new eighth episode. According to the website “A few different people have dropped this same piece of news that Star Wars: Episode VIII will film in an interesting location. The location was used for HBO’s Game of Thrones as the King’s Landing locations. Apparently the location is really pleasant at which to shoot and offers tax breaks and incentives to new productions. The gist: Star Wars: Episode VIII will film in Dubrovnik, Croatia later in the year.”

The Croatian Audiovisual Centre declined to either confirm or deny the rumour that the next Star Wars wills be filmed in Croatia. The City of Dubrovnik confirmed to The Dubrovnik Times that they are aware of the rumours that Dubrovnik will be used as a location for Star Wars after an “American blog wrote about the possibility.” However they declined to comment further. When asked if the City of Dubrovnik had signed a “contract of silence” the City confirmed that they hadn’t signed any contract.

From an inside source The Dubrovnik Times has discovered that producers of Star Wars met with the Mayor of Dubrovnik and representatives of the city before Christmas.

Filming of Star Wars, the eighth episode, will begin in March this year, we will soon discover if indeed Dubrovnik a location.

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