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Robin Hood team clean Dubrovnik seabed Robin Hood team clean Dubrovnik seabed

Robin Hood team clean seabed in Dubrovnik harbour

Written by  Mar 12, 2017

The film production company “Pakt Media” who were involved in the Robin Hood: Origins filming in Dubrovnik organised a cleaning of the harbour in yesterday. The old harbour was the location of the first set to be built in the city and was one of the largest and most intricate sets.

robin hood diving 2

On the final day of filming of Robin Hood in Dubrovnik, on the 6th of March, the set was “burnt down” in a dramatic scene. Of course the set wasn’t actually burnt down it was a mixture of special effects and controlled explosions.

The harbour was cleaned by Pakt Media, with the assistance of the Poklisar restaurant and the public cleaning company, and divers cleaned the seabed. The Dubrovnik Diving Club spent most of the day cleaning the seabed and today the local boats, that were moved for filming, will be returned to their original positions.

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