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Digital travel versus analogue travel – new German travel show in Dubrovnik

By  Mark Thomas Mar 12, 2017

Dubrovnik has played host to many international travel documentaries in the past few years, but this latest one is a new idea. A crew from the German national broadcaster Deutsche Welle is currently filming a new travel show in southern Croatia and yesterday they arrived in Dubrovnik.

“At the moment the digital couple are certainly finding it easier,” explained the producer of the show to The Dubrovnik Times. Two couples have to find their way around a city and solve various tasks; it’s a type of travel game show. However there is a twist. One couple has to do it “old school” armed only with books, magazines, newspapers, basically analogue travellers. Whilst the other couple have a digital approach, they are allowed to only use smart phones, tablets, websites and other online equipment. It is a battle between 1960’s travel and 2000’s travel.

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“In the destination before Dubrovnik the couples had a task to find someone famous,” explained the producer. “Of course the old school couple had the advantage with that task as they could just ask someone in the street. The digital couple aren’t allowed to speak to anyone, they have to use online tools,” concluded the producer.

We look forward to seeing the final version of the travel show on German television this summer.

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