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The set in the old harbour to have a new home in Dubrovnik The set in the old harbour to have a new home in Dubrovnik

Robin Hood visitors centre to be constructed in Dubrovnik

Written by  Mar 07, 2017

Filming of the Hollywood blockbuster Robin Hood: Origins was wrapped up on the 6th of March but it seems that Dubrovnik will have a lasting memory of the movie. “A section of the Robin Hood set that is currently located in the Old City harbour will soon have a new home,” commented the former mayor of Dubrovnik, Andro Vlahusic, to The Dubrovnik Times.

The set in the old harbour was one of the most complicated and was the first to be constructed. It appeared to be burnt down in the last section of filming in Dubrovnik but this was a mixture of special effects and gas pipes. The set is still very much intact. “The idea is to take part of this set and move it to the island of Lokrum,” added Vlahusic. He added that the set would then be rebuilt on this island just off Dubrovnik and act as an attraction for film buffs. “We will locate in near the children’s playground and even have the plan to offer bows and arrows so that visitors can get the real Hood experience as they shot into targets,” concluded Vlahusic.

There is already a Game of Thrones visitors centre on Lokrum, so along with the future Robin Hood set the island is becoming a film theme park.

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