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Jamie Foxx with Mirela Rus in Dubrovnik Jamie Foxx with Mirela Rus in Dubrovnik

Jamie Foxx, taking home Break Time souvenirs from Croatia

Written by  Mar 07, 2017

The famous Hollywood actor Jamie Foxx - who was in Dubrovnik for the past two weeks, filming for the new Robin Hood: Origins movie - took with him a few Break Time handmade nautical souvenirs to remind him of Croatia. Mirela Rus, one of the two Break Time owners, met Jamie Foxx on Stradun (the main street through Dubrovnik’s Old City) and offered him a few pieces of handmade nautical jewellery from the newly opened Break Time shop in Antuninska 5, to remind him of his time in Croatia.

"He is a very, very cool and down-to-earth guy, he walked on Stradun (the main street of Dubrovnik Old Town) with members of his family and he agreed to have his photo taken with basically everyone who asked him to, unlike Jamie Dornan and Taron Egerton, who always jumped in the car as soon as filming was over, " commented Mirela Rus. Adding that he liked the fact that the products were handmade.

Jamie Foxx will have a unique memento of his time in Dubrovnik.

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