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VIDEO/PHOTO - Robin Hood:Origins filming ends in flames

Written by  Mar 06, 2017

Spectacular views could be seen today as Robin Hood:Origins filming came to the end. The whole set placed at Posat (right next to the Old Port) has been set on fire or at least it seemed that way. Actually, it was a stimulation with controled special effects. It looked quite real and it was a great ending to almost 2 weeks of filming in Dubrovnik. 

These two weeks were for sure exciting with celebrities like Jamie Foxx, Jamie Dornan and Taron Egerton walking through the streets of Dubrovnik. There were some problems like locals complaining that Stradun was damaged when the set was built, so many will tell that it's about time that Robin Hood leaves Dubrovnik. However, here is no doubt that Robin Hood: Origins will bring countless publicity to the city and quite possibly new tourists wanting to see the film sets.






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