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Floating "sea weed" Floating "sea weed"

267 kilos of marijuana found floating around Dubrovnik

By  Mark Thomas Mar 06, 2017

If you go for a swim in the Adriatic off Dubrovnik you might be in for a shock! Floating packages of marijuana have been turning up all over the Dubrovnik region. So far eleven packages wrapped in aluminium foil and Scotch tape have been collected by the Maritime Police in Dubrovnik, amounting to an unbelievable 267 kilos!

All over the county marijuana has been spotted floating, from the islands of Lastovo, Mljet, Korcula and Lokrum.

Both the police and citizens discovered these first packages and after these first interventions the police have stepped up their search for more packs. How 267 kilograms of marijuana ended up floating in the Adriatic Sea is still unknown, however one theory suggest that this was part of an illegal shipment from Montenegro to Italy that fell overboard in bad weather. It certainly brings a new meaning to the term “sea weed.”

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