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Jamie Dornan looking bad ass in Dubrovnik Jamie Dornan looking bad ass in Dubrovnik The Dubrovnik Times

VIDEO/PHOTO - Jamie Dornan storms onto Robin Hood set and steals the show

By  Mar 03, 2017

Jamie Dornan had a busy first day of filming in Dubrovnik today as he appeared on set of the Robin Hood: Origins for the first time. Taron Egerton or Robin Hood, Oscar award winner Jamie Foxx who plays Little John and Eve Hewson, daughter of U2’s Bono Vox, who plays Maid Marion, have all been in Dubrovnik since the beginning of filming on the 20th of February. But until today Jamie Dornan, or Will Scarlet, was conspicuous by his absence, that all changed today.

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This Leonadro DiCaprio produced version of Robin Hood: Origins is a gritty and darker look at this classic story. Directed by Otto Bathurst, best known for the film Margot and the TV series Urban Gothic, this latest version of Robin Hood is more modern take. “The story of Robin Hood can be transformed to many generations,” commented Bathurst. “It is also relevant in today’s world, with the financial tensions between the 99 percent and the 1 percent,” added Bathurst.

And Dornan certainly had a darker look today on set as Will Scarlet, this certainly will not be the same jaunty and carefree Will Scarlet as portrayed in the 1938 classic starring Errol Flynn. It would appear from the scenes shot today in the main street through the Old City of Dubrovnik, the Stradun, that Dornan’s character is much more sinister. Today's scene featured the Northern Irish heartthrob leading a group of what appeared to be peasant rebels out of the city gates. Whether these rebels, lead, by Scarlet, were fighting against the Sherriff of Nottingham, played by Ben Mendelsohn, or against Little John, who appeared on the same set yesterday, is unknown. “He looks really bad ass,” commented a member of the press as Dornan strode ahead of the roaring hoard with a cowboy-style mask covering half of his face. Bathurst promised some surprises and twists.

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“He is a great guy, really happy to speak to everyone and always fun to be around,” commented one of the production team to The Dubrovnik Times on Dornan. And the buzz around the star of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy was quite apparent. Although Will Scarlet is arguably the fifth most important role in Robin Hood Dornan has stolen the show.

Riding on a crest of a wave of popularity his star power far outshines that of Foxx and Egerton, the supposed leading lights. In fact Egerton seemed almost downcast yesterday as he was mistaken for Jamie Dornan and for a few minutes went viral online. This could be the first time that Hood has been upstaged by Scarlet. Christian Slater certainly didn’t manage it in the Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves when he was up against Kevin Costner. And who remembers Scarlet in the 2010 version starring Russell Crowe, probably only film buffs will remember Scott Grimes in the role.

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Just Dornan’s appearance in Dubrovnik today caused social media to explode. Within a few minutes #robinhoodorigins was trending on Twitter and Instagram looked like a Jamie Dornan private gallery. Ivan Vukovic, a guide in Dubrovnik, commented that “I think that Jamie Dornan has made the best marketing for Dubrovnik in past three years.” He added that “Last season when I told my clients and guests that Robin Hood with Jamie Dornan was coming to Dubrovnik all the ladies went wild.”

So D-Day, or Dornan Day, in Dubrovnik finally arrived and now we await to see where else the “sexiest man on the planet” will appear in the city. Filming of Robin Hood: Origins will end on the 6th of March in Dubrovnik and the film is planned to be released on the 23rd of March 2018.

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Photos by Ivana Smilovic 

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