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Burning cart on set of Robin Hood in Dubrovnik as Jamie Foxx's body-double has a busy day Burning cart on set of Robin Hood in Dubrovnik as Jamie Foxx's body-double has a busy day Ivana Smilovic

VIDEO - Foxx on fire as Little John speeds through Dubrovnik

By  Mar 03, 2017

It was an action packed day yesterday on the set of Robin Hood: Origins with horse chases, fireballs and ear deafening explosions that echoed through the narrow side streets of Dubrovnik. The main street through the Old City, Stradun, was once again the centre of attention with Jamie Foxx as Little John speeding along the cobbled street in a cart.

The horse chase began at the Pile end of the Stradun and saw four Knights on horseback chase Foxx through a tunnel and along the main street whilst explosions and fireballs filled the air. A body double was used for many of the scenes as the cart raced at breakneck speed over the stone streets.

foxx rider

Once again there was a buzz of anticipated on the set of Robin Hood as the star of Fifty Shades of Grey, Jamie Dornan, was expected to make his first appearance. However it would seem that the Northern Irish hunk will have only small part in Dubrovnik as he had a free day yesterday. After arriving two days ago Jamie Dornan, who plays Will Scarlet in this Leonardo DiCaprio produced Hood, has been recovering from his long-haul flight across the Atlantic from the Oscar ceremonies.

Taron Egerton also briefly appeared on the Dubrovnik set yesterday and caused a storm on social media as a rumour spread that it was in fact Dornan.

foxx double 2

jamie double

IMG 0817

IMG 0821

And Taron Egerton arriving on set

IMG 0822

Video courtesy of Break Time Dubrovnik 

The Voice of Dubrovnik


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