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Photo Gallery – Another fun day of Robin Hood filming in Dubrovnik Ivana Smilovic

Photo Gallery – Another fun day of Robin Hood filming in Dubrovnik

By  Ivana Smilovic Mar 01, 2017

It's a real pleasure to be in Dubrovnik any time, but for movie lovers these days are quite special. Dubrovnik has turned into real movie set because of filming of the newest Robin Hood and by just walking around you can see something new every day. 

Today filming happened at the main street (Stradun) again and in Marin Drzic Theatre, as well as at Minceta Fortress. The City was again full of equipment, crew and cast. Jamie Foxx started to blend in with the locals, but to be honest, everybody expected to see Fifty Shades of Grey superstar Jamie Dornan. Sadly for his fans that periodically showed up (and gave up waiting), he didn't come to the set today, but is supposed to make his big entrance as Will Scarlett tomorrow.

However, it was a fun day of filming today, with knights and colorful extras. Also, we could the stuntmen in action. Just at the top of construction on Stradun, one man was escaping the knight that was aiming at him with his bow. Eventually he falls down – or through our eyes and camera lenses – hangs from the top of construction. Impressive sights! See more in our photo gallery.

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