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Jamie Foxx speaks about racial incident in Dubrovnik Jamie Foxx speaks about racial incident in Dubrovnik NOVA TV - Screenshot

Jamie Foxx gives his side of racial abuse incident in Dubrovnik

By  Mark Thomas Feb 28, 2017

“It was just a misunderstanding, everything has been 100 percent great here, it was just a misunderstanding,” commented Jamie Foxx today for the Croatian television Nova TV. He was speaking about the racial abuse incident that happened in a well-known Dubrovnik restaurant last week.

At the time of the incident Foxx was filming himself on his Instagram account and alleged that two local men had used racial slurs against him. The police were informed of the case and investigated. However Foxx today commented that “I didn’t hear anything we were all having a good time.” He added that “This place is truly amazing.”

The Scar award winning actor, who play Little John in Robin Hood: Origins, was in an upbeat mood today on set and was happy to chat with the press and have selfies taken with the public.

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