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Stuntmen flying the air in Dubrovnik Stuntmen flying the air in Dubrovnik Niksa Duper - HANZA MEDIA

Crossbows, stuntmen and horses on the Stradun – another day of Robin Hood

By  Mark Thomas Feb 28, 2017

Robin Hood: Origins once again concentrated filming in the very heart of Dubrovnik today, the Stradun. Crossbows, horses, extras and stuntmen flying through the air – once again Robin Hood brought a strange mix of sights to the city.

Jamie Foxx was spotted taking selfies with fans in the streets and seemed relaxed on set. Filming has reached the midpoint with the final day expected to be on the 6th of March.

Check out the film set in Dubrovnik today by Niksa Duper

Robin Hood Origins horses

Robin Hood cart in Dubrovnik

Robin Hood horses

Robin Hood stuntmen

Robin Hood crossbow

Robin Hood Dubrovnik extras

The Voice of Dubrovnik


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