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VIDEO/PHOTO – Day 5 of Robin Hood:Origins in Dubrovnik Ivana Smilovic

VIDEO/PHOTO – Day 5 of Robin Hood:Origins in Dubrovnik

Written by  Feb 24, 2017

Day 5 of filming of Robin Hood:Origins can be described as rainy, windy and cold but there is no time to relax in Nottingham. The filming was supposed to take place on the Stradun today, but during our walk through the set it seemed like it's still not ready. People were working hard to assemble it all, but many pieces were just laying on the ground, waiting to be placed on the set. 

However, Pile Park and the entrance to the Old City seemed quite busy, as the crew was walking around and making everything ready for what it seems to be one more long night of filming. Pile Park is full of tents with make up artists and hair dressers, as well as coffee and sandwiches.

Director Otto Bathurst and producer E. Benett Walsh were spotted at the set, but sadly we didn't see any cast members, at least not during the day. However, some extras were waiting for filming. Also, two horses were taken to the Old City, one a bit less motivated to enter than the other. These poor horse seemed to have a great fear of wooden bridge, so it took some time before they were coaxed across it, or to be honest – pulled across.

Rain didn't seem to bother anybody and there were some rumors that the crew wished for this type of day. We heard some people saying that they also asked firefighters to help with some extra water! It seems that filming will again take place until the morning hours. Next week brings day scenes again. Don't miss photos from the set as well as the video for the latest update.

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