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Stradun in top three incredible streets you must visit before you die

Written by  Feb 24, 2017

New top list has been published by The Telegraph yesterday with a title '25 incredible streets you must visit before you die'. Stradun, Dubrovnik's main street (and for us the most beautiful street in the world), is placed on the third place just after Champs-Élysées and Ocean Drive. What is interesting, the cover photo of an article shows Stradun and it's a great promotion to Dubrovnik.

- Despite the crowds, a walk down Stradun, the main thoroughfare in Dubrovnik's old town, is a must, especially if you're a fan of Game of Thrones (it's where Cersei Lannister takes her walk of penance) – writes the author of the article. To be honest, Cersei didn't exactly walk on Stradun, but nobody can say that Stradun didn't earn its place on the list.

- Most of the top attractions in Dubrovnik are concentrated in the car-free old town, within the medieval walls - says Jane Foster, Telegraph Travel’s Dubrovnik expert, adding that wo monumental arched gates, Pile (to the west) and Pločc (to the east), serve as entrances to the old town, and they are joined by the main thoroughfare, Stradun (aka Placa). Off each side of Stradun lies a grid of narrow alleys (some involving steep stone steps), harbouring countless cafés, restaurants and apartments to rent – writes Foster.
Stradun is the pride of the Pearl of Adriatic and we are happy that it made this flattery list – although we're not surprised.

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