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Mining under Dubrovnik in explosive scene Mining under Dubrovnik in explosive scene

Robin Hood has an explosive second day in Dubrovnik

Written by  Mark Thomas Feb 21, 2017

Filming of the Robin Hood: Origins moved into its second day today and the cast and crew concentrated on the harbour area of the city. With large rafts floating in the harbour and a multitude of lights and cameras Dubrovnik was a mixture of costumes and high-tech equipment. The action today featured an explosion in what looked like a mining area around the Old City walls, in what was an early evening shoot.

This is the most expensive filming production ever in Dubrovnik, with an estimated $100 million budget just for the films promotion. And the production isn’t holding back with state of the art cameras and numerous lighting sets.

Here is a taste of the action from today.

hood day 2

hood day 2 4

hood day 2 3

hodd day 22

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