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Missing stone pillars Missing stone pillars Mark Thomas

Dubrovnik landmarks removed to make way for Robin Hood filming

By  Feb 19, 2017

Although the utmost care has been taken to protect the historic facades and streets of Dubrovnik with the construction of the Robin Hood sets in Dubrovnik there has still been an inexcusable devastation.

Three square stone pillars that have stood at the end of the Siroka Street in the centre of the city have been removed to make way for filming and all that is left are three concrete scars. Siroka Street, or Wide Street in English, is one of the side streets off the Strdaun and the three stone pillars are recognisable landmarks, we can presume that this is a temporary measure, but it is still disturbing to see ancient sights removed for the sake of a movie.

siroka street dubrovnik

Siroka Street and its iconic three pillars - Photo

siroka street without pillars

The pillars have been removed for Robin Hood - Photo Mark Thomas