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Robin Hood set in Dubrovnik getting bigger and bigger Robin Hood set in Dubrovnik getting bigger and bigger Mark Thomas and Ivana Smilovic

Robin Hood: Origins closes in on filming deadline as Dubrovnik set construction goes into overtime

Written by  Mark Thomas Feb 11, 2017

The Robin Hood: Origins sets in Dubrovnik are growing at a rapid pace, along with the two main sets in the city, on Stradun and in the Old City harbour more tents have been installed over the past few days. It is rumoured that these new instalments are catering facilities and changing rooms for the cast.

A large dressing room has also been installed in one of the larger restaurants in Dubrovnik which is currently acting as a space for extras to try on their costumes. The set on the Stradun, the main street that runs through the centre of the historic Old City is certainly impressive, with huge wooden constructions now almost as tall as the three-storey buildings.

robin hood origins dubrovnik croatia

Although the production of this latest Hollywood blockbuster will bring worldwide publicity, not to mention financial benefits, not everyone is satisfied with the current situation. The massive set on the Stradun is clearly blocking off shops windows and seems to be having an obverse effect on business. “This is the worst period we have seen in years,” explained the owner of a fast-food restaurant. “As our street is now almost invisible we are losing out on passing trade, not to mention the problems we have had with sawdust. We actually had a day last week in which we only sold two sandwiches all day, that is unheard of, but what can we do,” concluded the owner.

robin hood origins set in Dubrovnik, Croatia

The race is obviously under way to get the sets ready in time for the start of filming which is planned for the 20th of February.

Five large wooden rafts have also been set up in the Old City harbour, which will either act as points for the filming crew or spaces for the actors to be adrift in the Adriatic. And under ten days left till filming begins it is clear that the set designers and production crew are working overtime to get everything ready in time.

robin hood origins in Dubrovnik

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