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Handball on the Stradun Handball on the Stradun Mark Thomas

Signs of life in the Old City as an impromptu game of handball breaks out

Written by  Mark Thomas Feb 02, 2017

Even though Robin Hood is setting up camp on the Stradun and the festivities for the St. Blaise Day are well underway there is still room on the main street for games. These children, possibly inspired by the recent handball championships, played an impromptu game of handball on the Stradun yesterday. Instead of jumpers as goals they used the small side streets off the Stradun as goals and played across the Stradun.

handball stradun


A few centuries ago this wouldn’t have caught any ones attention, but as the population of the historic city core has been plummeting it as almost unusual to see children playing in the streets. The estimates suggest that only between 750 and 850 people actually live in the Old City today, a sharp drop from times gone by. In 1961 over 5,500 called the Old City home, today we are left with a handful of children playing handball.

handball stardun 1

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