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Robin Hood set growing by the day Robin Hood set growing by the day Mark Thomas

PHOTO - Robin Hood gives way to St. Blaise

Written by  Mark Thomas Feb 02, 2017

The set for the upcoming Robin Hood movie on the Stradun is looking more and more impressive by the day. The wooden “Nottingham” in the centre of the historic Old City of Dubrovnik is growing and almost ready for filming which starts on the 20th of February. However Robin Hood and his merry men will have to take a short break, to make way for St. Blaise.

work on Robin Hood set in Dubrovnik


On the 3rd of February the city celebrates the day of its patron saint, St. Blaise. The main procession will go down the Stradun and work on constructing Nottingham will have to wait. Over a thousand extras have already been auditioned to be in the movie which will star Jamie Foxx, Jamie Dornan and Welsh actor Taron Egerton who will play Robin Hood.

The set on the main street through Dubrovnik has already reached to the top of the ancient three-story high facades and after the St. Blaise festivities it is believed that a massive wooden gate will actually be built across the street, the same street that Star Wars used last year for The Last Jedi. Another four possible locations are thought to be required in Dubrovnik and the first set in the old harbour has already been completed.

robin hood dubrovnik

robin hood set dubrovnik

robin hood origins dubrovnik

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