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Four hour stay in Dubrovnik for Spanish swimmers Four hour stay in Dubrovnik for Spanish swimmers Ivana Smilovic

Too cold to swim in Dubrovnik in January – not if you are Spanish!

Written by  Mark Thomas Jan 26, 2017

“We are only here in Dubrovnik for four hours so we wanted to make the most of it,” commented this group of five Spanish friends today in Dubrovnik. And make the most of it they certainly did! Even though the Adriatic Sea temperature is only around 13 degrees they bravely dived into the sea for a brief swim.

The friends from Madrid are on a road trip across Europe, last night they were in Tivat, today Dubrovnik and tomorrow Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and all by bus. “Oh, it is cold, but refreshing,” commented the friends as they sharply climbed out of the sea.

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