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Robin Hood set in Dubrovnik Robin Hood set in Dubrovnik

Robin Hood Origins curtain call for extras – filming starts in a month

Written by  Jan 20, 2017

The final day of casting for the upcoming Robin Hood movie in Dubrovnik is underway. Casting began on Monday and will continue today, the last day, until 8.00pm. According to reports in the local media 600 extras had been accepted for the roles in the Robin Hood: Origins film by Wednesday. A total of 1,300 extras are required for the filming and the producers hope that by the end of today that number will be reached.

It is believed that filming of Robin Hood in Dubrovnik will begin on the 20th of February and last until the 5th of March. So far two locations inside the Old City walls have been prepared, the old harbor area and on the main street through the Old City the Stradun.

The Mayor of Dubrovnik announced that another “two or three locations in Dubrovnik” will be used as a backdrop for filming. And these are believed to be the St. Dominic Street, near the Dubrovnik Cathedral and the Minceta Fortress. Interestingly most of these locations were already used by the HBO serial Game of Thrones.

The Mayor of Dubrovnik has also announced that this production will be the biggest so far in the city with an estimated $100 million to be spent on promotion.

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