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Mega yacht opens cruising season in Dubrovnik in January

Written by  Jan 19, 2016

Has the mega yacht season in Dubrovnik already opened this year? This morning the luxury yacht owned by a Saudi prince and former defence minister of Saudi Arabia, Prince Khaled bin Sultan, a member of the Saudi royal family dropped anchor near the Port of Dubrovnik. In 1991, the prince retired from the military to focus on business.

Golden Odyssey, measuring 124 metres in length, opened up the mega yacht season in Dubrovnik in January! The yacht is among the twenty most luxurious yachts in the world and was built just last year. Before dropping anchor near the Daksa island off Dubrovnik the Golden Odyssey had been in the marina Porto Montenegro in Tivat in Montenegro.

We have learned that the Saudi prince is not currently onboard, although it is likely that the crew arrived in the city to check out the necessary details for a future visit by the prince this summer.

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