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Casting call for Robin Hood Casting call for Robin Hood

Casting call for Robin Hood – your chance to star alongside Jamie Foxx and Jamie Dornan

Written by  Mark Thomas Jan 13, 2017

Fancy starring alongside Hollywood actors in a blockbuster movie, well here is your big chance. An announcement has appeared today for casting for a “foreign movie” in Dubrovnik, although it isn’t written we can only presume that the casting is for the upcoming Leonardo DiCaprio blockbuster – Robin Hood Origins.

The casting call is for extras in a foreign film that will be filmed in Dubrovnik at the end of February and beginning of March. It will be held in the Hilton Imperial hotel in Ballroom A from Monday the 16th of January till Friday the 20th of January, every day from 9.00am to 1.00pm and again from 3.00pm to 8.00pm.

This is your chance to be on the silver screen alongside Jamie Foxx and Jamie Dornan. The casting, according to the information, is open to all people however women are instructed to come with minimal make-up and with their hair down.

The second part of the Robin Hood set is currently being constructed in Dubrovnik, on the main street that runs through the historic Old City. The first set, in the old harbor, has already been completed and according to the Mayor of Dubrovnik a further “two to three sets” will be constructed in the city. After Star Wars VIII, Game of Thrones and the Bollywood blockbuster Fan, Robin Hood Origins is the next in the line of major international film productions to use Dubrovnik as a backdrop.

The Mayor of Dubrovnik announced yesterday that this production will be the biggest so far with an estimated $100 million to be spent on promotion.

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