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Robin Hood in Dubrovnik will be part of a trilogy

Written by  Mark Thomas Jan 12, 2017

- The second part of the set design for the filming of Robin Hood Origins has already begun. The first part of the scenery, in the harbour, is complete and will be the scene for the most attractive part of the film – commented the Mayor of Dubrovnik, Andro Vlahusic, at a press conference today on the Stradun where the second part of the set of Robin Hood is currently being built. He added that the scene on the Stradun, the main street that runs through the centre of the historic Old City, will be built on around half of the street.

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The production cost of the new Robin Hood Origins, which will be produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, will, according to the mayor, be around $90 million. But the mayor pointed out that he is particularly happy because a further $100 million will be spent on the movie’s promotion. Dubrovnik has already played host to some huge Hollywood blockbusters, such as Star Wars VIII, Game of Thrones and the Bollywood smash hit Fan, however the budget for the promotion of the latest Robin Hood spectacle far outweighs these productions. Apart from the sets on the Stradun and in the city harbour there will also be another two or three locations inside the Old City Walls.

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Filming in Dubrovnik will last for three weeks from the 10th of February until the 28th of February. Robin Hood: Origins follows the return of Robin Hood fighting in the Crusades and finding that Sherwood Forest is rife with corruption. Robin Hood then forms a band of outlaws and sets about riding the forest of evil, a classic Robin Hood tale but with a twist. This latest Robin Hood, which DiCaprio is the executive producer, will star Jamie Foxx as Little John, Welsh actor Taron Egerton as Robin Hood, Irish actress Eve Hewson as Maid Marion, Jamie Dornan as Will Scarlet and Ben Mendelsohn, who starred in Rogue One, as the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Around 800 extras are expected to appear in the Dubrovnik version of Robin Hood. – This Robin Hood will be the first of a trilogy, and over the next six years the other parts will be filmed – added Vlahusic.

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