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A new story under every Dubrovnik stone Zeljko Tutnjevic

A new story under every Dubrovnik stone

Written by  Jan 15, 2016

After paving stones were lifted in the centre of the Old City of Dubrovnik a new world was discovered. The excavations in the Gundulic Square in Dubrovnik opened up secrets from the past after the archaeologists decided to dig down another metre. Remains of houses, streets and canals dating back to before the great earthquake in Dubrovnik in 1667 were uncovered.

The young archaeologist Mira Andric and his team photographed the fruits of their labours after unearthing buildings, coins and rubble from times gone by. The “hole in the ground” has captured the attention of many local people.

After the excavations are recorded the stone slabs will be replaced and this small piece of history will, once again, be under the footsteps of thousands of tourists this summer.

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