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Top 10 most read stories in 2016 by The Dubrovnik Times

By  Dec 27, 2016

This is the first year of our website, so we tried our best to satisfy our readers. We have succesful year behind us and feel truly proud! As 2016 is almost over, we bring you our top 10 most read stories this year. Click on the title to explore them. 

10. U2 celebrating Edge's birthday in Cavtat

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9. Game of Thrones season six teaser features Dubrovnik

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8. Super yacht worth $300 million docks in Dubrovnik

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7. Get naked in Dubrovnik

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6. U2 MANIA - Bono kisses fan in Cavtat

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5. Kupari – a resort still in ruins

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4. Dubrovnik will be the heart of the newest Robin Hood movie!

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3. Star Wars set in Dubrovnik “under construction”

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2. Robin Hood with Jamie Foxx to be filmed in Dubrovnik

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1. Brad Pitt - Croatia is the most beautiful country I've ever seen

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