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Restoration of Dubrovnik landmark underway Zeljko Tutnjevic

Restoration of Dubrovnik landmark underway

Written by  Jan 13, 2016

The reconstruction of the Great Onofrio Fountain in the Old City of Dubrovnik has begun in a project worth 1.5 million Kuna. According to news from the Society of Friends of Dubrovnik Antiquities, the investor in the reconstruction, the fountain project will be completed by the beginning of the summer season.

The restoration of the Great Onofrio Fountain will include works on the stone sculptures and a new solution for the water supply to the fountain. The fountain was constructed in 1438 following the design of the famous Italian artist Onofrio della Cava and brought drinking water to the city from sources 12 kilometres from the city. The fountain, when completed, was a miracle of engineering and art and soon became a focal point of Dubrovnik. Today the fountain, just inside the city walls from the Pile Gate, is a popular meeting point and a magnet for holiday photos; it is still a place where tourists and locals refresh themselves with fresh water in the summer sunshine.

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