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Roko Tolic at press conference Roko Tolic at press conference Željko Tutnjević

300,000 more passengers through Dubrovnik Airport in 2016

Written by  Dec 17, 2016

“By the end of the year we will have handled just under 2 million passengers, or about 300 thousand more than last year,” stated the director of Dubrovnik Airport, Roko Tolic, at a press conference held to round up the year at the airport. And of course we an increase in passengers comes an increase in profits, the airport is on course to make 75 million Kunas in profit this year, or around 10 million Euros. In 2015 the airport had earnings of around 55 million Kuna.

“Our results this year are over our expectations and I am proud of all the staff of the airport for their hard work in achieving such a successful year,” added Tolic. Stating that one of the reasons for the massive increase in passengers to Dubrovnik and to Croatia in general was the instability of other markets, such as North Africa, Turkey and Greece. But he emphasized that “This should in no way diminish the work and effort al the staff in the airport have shown.”

dubrovnik airport managment

2016 was no doubt a record year for the Dubrovnik Airport and also one of the most demanding as at the same time thousands more passengers were landing at the airport construction works to the new terminal, Terminal C, were also taking place. The total investment into the new terminal and other projects is around 225 million Euros, of which the airport has managed to secure European Union funding to the tune of 158 million Euros.

The commercial director of Dubrovnik airport Frano Luetic commented that the massive 18 percent increase in passengers this year was surprising. “For sure one of the reasons is the turbulent situation with terrorism in Brussels, Paris, Germany, Nice, Istanbul, etc. The year began well with the Mercedes promotion in Dubrovnik and next year we can announce that Nissan will hold a major event in the city, so the forecasts for next year are already very positive.”