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Happy May The Fourth Day: How Dubrovnik Became a Part of Star Wars

Written by  May 04, 2024

May the Fourth has become an unofficial holiday for Star Wars fans around the world, celebrating the beloved franchise on today, May 4th. It's a day filled with Star Wars-themed events, movie marathons, cosplay, and sharing of Star Wars-related content on social media. It's a fun way for fans to come together and express their love for the galaxy far, far away. May the Fourth – May The Force – you get the connection, right?

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And you might not be aware of the connection between Dubrovnik and the most popular sci-fi franchise ever. How can a medieval walled city and a movie based in space have any connection? It isn’t only the HBO series Game of Thrones that used the historic façades of Dubrovnik as a filming location, Star Wars, or more precisely Star Wars: The Last Jedi, used the city to “act” as the casino planet, Canto Bight.

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Back in 2016 the cobbled streets and stone fronts of the Old City were almost completely transformed into this distant planet. In fact, the city was changed so much that in the final version it is somewhat challenging to recognise Dubrovnik at all. Dubrovnik only appeared in The Last Jedi for a few minutes, and the whole “fan tourism” effect that the Game of Thrones brought never really happened with Star Wars.

Happy May the Fourth Day!

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