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Early Strawberry Harvest Begins in Neretva Valley Canva

Early Strawberry Harvest Begins in Neretva Valley

Written by  Apr 12, 2024

In the Neretva Valley, the earliest ever harvest of strawberries has begun. They have been planted across a total of forty hectares, and by the end of June, it is planned to harvest around 800 tons of fruits, reports HRT.

"The harvest this year is 10 to 15 days earlier, and the price of this year's Neretva strawberries is three and a half euros," revealed producer Gradimir Šešelj.

"We have started with the harvest, picking good fruits, and we will offer them to all chains in Croatia, while there is a large production in European countries such as Greece and Spain. If the weather continues to be nice, I think we will surpass them with our product because it is sweet, fresh, and will win over buyers," he said.

He added that finding workers is proving to be a significant problem.

"Strawberry picking is specific and very strenuous work. We have some workers, but considering the production, I think I will have to request additional labour," said Šešelj.

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