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Winter Flight Expansion: Dubrovnik's Tourism Boost Unveiled in Latest Strategy Meeting! Canva

Winter Flight Expansion: Dubrovnik's Tourism Boost Unveiled in Latest Strategy Meeting!

Written by  Apr 11, 2024

In the Great Council Hall of the City of Dubrovnik, a coordination meeting of stakeholders in tourism on the topic of the winter season and the upcoming pre-season was held organized by Dubrovnik Airport Ruđer Bošković, in collaboration with the City of Dubrovnik and the Dubrovnik Tourist Board.

During this occasion, the Mayor congratulated Dubrovnik Airport for bringing in Ryanair and establishing a number of new direct routes to Dubrovnik. This resulted in an increase of up to 40 percent more tourists in this period compared to last year.

International Star to Perform in Dubrovnik for New Year

"The planes are full, and I congratulate you on that brave decision because it has a positive effect not only on Dubrovnik tourism but also for tourism throughout our region, from Konavle to the Dubrovnik Riviera. We are actively preparing for the winter season with our programs, especially for the New Year's Eve celebration. I believe that on June 1st, we will announce the name of an international star who will perform on Stradun for the New Year's Eve celebration. We are in the final stages of negotiations, and we will have an international star in combination with a local star," said Mayor Franković.

Winter Flights to Dubrovnik at Last

The Director of Dubrovnik Airport Ruđer Bošković, Viktor Šober, announced that negotiations with airlines that should connect Dubrovnik with global destinations during the winter will continue this month. Ryanair will connect Dubrovnik with Vienna, Dublin, and London through direct routes. Croatia Airlines will fly to Frankfurt, Turkish to Istanbul twice immediately, and Easyjet should fly to London until November, with ongoing negotiations to extend this route into the winter of the next season. Lot Polish will connect Warsaw and Dubrovnik twice together, Vueling Dubrovnik and Barcelona, also twice together, and the Freebird charter program will continue. Negotiations are also underway for several other routes, and the goal is announced that by 2025/2026, Dubrovnik will be connected with 11 international routes during the winter season.

Over 20,000 Flight Operations to Dubrovnik This Year

"In this season, we expect a growth of 25 to 27 percent. Regarding the number of operations, we expect a significant increase this year. That number should be over 20,000. We notice that carriers are using larger aircraft with many more seats. Our main markets are now the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Spain. Our main destination is London, from where we achieve 13 percent of traffic. Our largest and most important partner is EasyJet, which accounts for a quarter of traffic, and next year it could be Ryanair," Šober also said and emphasized that the focus is on additional connections with the United States, which they are also working on.

The Director of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, Miroslav Drašković, reported on activities and events during the winter season, such as Lumiart, which is growing into a strong festival. He also highlighted marketing campaigns aimed at the Korean and Japanese markets.

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