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Over 6 Thousand Tourists Spend Easter in Dubrovnik

Written by  Apr 02, 2024

Dubrovnik saw an influx of visitors during the Easter holidays, with over 6,000 tourists choosing the historic city as their holiday destination.

According to data from the eVisitor tourist registration and deregistration system, Dubrovnik welcomed a total of 73,866 arrivals and recorded 161,639 overnight stays in the first three months of 2024. This marks a 1% increase in arrivals and a notable 7% increase in overnight stays compared to the same period in the previous year.

Foreign tourists accounted for a significant portion of these numbers, with 55,832 arrivals and 120,919 overnight stays, while domestic tourists contributed 18,034 arrivals and 40,720 overnight stays during the first quarter. Visitors predominantly hailed from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Accommodation-wise, hotels proved to be the preferred choice for many visitors, recording 62,317 arrivals and 119,845 overnight stays. Private accommodations also saw activity, with 7,473 arrivals and 24,672 overnight stays.

In March alone, Dubrovnik saw 43,699 arrivals and 89,322 overnight stays. Despite a 6% decrease in arrivals compared to the previous year, the city experienced a 3% increase in overnight stays, reflecting the enduring appeal of Dubrovnik as a tourist destination.

Domestic tourists contributed 7,290 arrivals and 15,979 overnight stays in March, while foreign visitors accounted for 36,409 arrivals and 73,343 overnight stays. Once again, hotels were the preferred choice, registering 36,758 arrivals and 67,709 overnight stays, while private accommodations recorded 4,571 arrivals and 13,296 overnight stays.

Easter weekend, in particular, saw a surge in tourist numbers, with 6,314 visitors flocking to Dubrovnik on March 31st. The majority of these tourists hailed from the United Kingdom, Croatia, Germany, the United States, France, Spain, Albania, Ireland, Kosovo, and Slovakia.

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